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The success of a firm in the world of competition will highly depend on productivity improvement, we should also be aware of rapid change, "The introduction of the new technology and of the impact of major structural changes on the need of QUALIFIED MANPOWER". The need of qualified manpower should rather be met through a proper training system.

A basic assumption is that training potential in Indonesia is virtually unlimited. Despite expected reduced growth rate of the economy, it is foreseen that the demand for skilled workers will continue to exceed the supply and that there are large and urgent training fields :

          - To supply productivity manpower with high skills, discipline, and
          - To enhance productivity
          - To enable manpower movement and promotion of personnel in a
          - To adapt skills to new working requirements in accordance with
            the advancement of technology

Therefore Employers should take part in training programs, not only because of the limited resources available to the government but more importantly because training is basically a joint responsibility of both the government and private sectors, and obviously the major value of training programs is to the enterprise themselves.


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